What is a Virtual PA?

A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed professional who works from their own home or office, providing the same high quality administration support as your traditional personal assistant, but in a more cost effective way. A Virtual Assistant can perform the same tasks as an onsite employee but without the cost of employee overheads, related taxes or benefits. By utilising the services of a Virtual Assistant, you only use them when your work load requires it. Whether this is assisting you with one off projects or assistance on a regular basis, such as a few hours a week, you only pay for the hours worked. Virtual Assistants are part of a rapidly growing industry that is saving individuals and business owners time and money by outsourcing many of their routine tasks, allowing them to concentrate on growing their business.

Being ‘Virtual’ means all correspondence is communicated via the internet, email and telephone. With all the current technologies available, it is now even easier to share documents, calendars, passwords and arrange meetings using skype and instant messenger. By performing your administrative tasks, a Virtual Assistant allows you to focus your time on more meaningful priorities such as running your business, connecting with your clients, networking or simply just spending more time with your family. An advantage of working with a Virtual Assistant is that through your ongoing partnership they will work with you to understand your business and its goals, making your success their priority.

A true Virtual Assistant offers their client the opportunity to grow and concentrate solely on their business by providing an effective, efficient support service solution. 

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